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Salut salut,

je suis Philipp, j'ai 30 ans et je vais m'installer à Bruxelles en Février/Mars pour au moin 1 - 1 1/2 ans. Originairement, je suis de Munich, mais les neuf dernières années j'ai habité a Vienne pour mes études.

I still speak some French, but it is a bit rusty by now, learnt it in Highschool and during an Erasmus exchange in Toulouse five years ago and have not spoken much since then. So I will continue writing this in English for now, but I'm very motivated to pick it up again :)

I have been living in shared flats for the last 10 years, mostly with a quite international mix of people, and would love to find a nice group in Brussels as well. I am not looking for a shared flat to split the rent only, but to live with the people and establish some connections. I don’t mean to find a family-replacement, but looking back on my last years, the best memories I have from the times during which we had some sort of community feeling in the apartment and people were interested in one another.

Currently, I am finishing my master thesis in Social-Ecological Economics and Policy and then I’ll move to Brussels to work for the international office of a left political group (International Socialist Alternative; has nothing to do with the EU parliament though, more extra-parliamentary politics) that I have already been active for in the last years here in Vienna. So besides working for that group, I will be going to protests a lot, and am happy to discuss with and learn from you about science, history, philosophy and politics in all its varieties.

As you can guess, I like reading quite a bit, political-/philosophical books as well as fiction. Besides this, I love to be in nature in various ways. I have been rock-climbing for around 15 years now and was working as a bouldering instructor in Vienna. I also enjoy hiking, biking (day trips as well as multi-day bike tours with tents) and ski-hiking. For the big mountains I will have to return to the Alps, I guess, but friends told me that there are some climbing possibilities in Belgium as well, which I will then try to explore in the coming months.

I also enjoy music a lot, mostly listening and going to concerts, but I will bring my guitar, which I have been trying to learn for some time already (but then life came in between, maybe Brussels is the place for this now). Although I listen to music from various genres, jazz, hip-hop, beats, and world electronic music are definitely my focus. The latter I also follow closely for „work“ reasons, with friends from Munich I have been organizing electronic music festivals/openairs near Munich in the past years.

I am looking forward to get to know you, via Skype or possibly in person (with masks and distance). I will be a couple of days in Brussels from January 21 on, so if you would like to get to know me, I am happy to come by.

Greetings from snowy Austria, Philipp

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Publiée le 13 janvier 2021