A propos de la colocation

  • Maison
  • 2 chambres total
  • 1 chambres disponibles (Simple)
  • 1 salle(s) de bain
  • 1 mois minimum
  • Disponible maintenant
  • Jardin
  • Meublée
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Wifi

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1 femme, salarié, non-fumeurs

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Description de la chambre à louer

Room in a House in Louvain-la-neuve


Hello, I offer a furnished room for rent in a house. It's a shared accommodation in a two-bedroom house. I am a female retired, and I occupy the other room. Unfortunately, on-site domiciliation is not possible. I can't take in people from Ukraine, since I propose a short time renting. When I am away for visit to family, I need the house to be empty. Sorry.

The setting is rural, close to the Lauzelle woods, in a very quiet area.

The house has central heating and is very well insulated. There are common rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom, garden). The rooms are private and personal. Parking spaces are available.

The profile sought is a calm and respectful person, knowing how to combine private life and common life. Erasmus, researchers, tourists, people in search of a short time accommodation, are all welcome.

Description of the rental:

The room is approximately 15m², with an Ikea bed for one and a half people, a bedside table, a desk, a shelf, a wardrobe, two windows, a radiator, double lighting, Ethernet sockets. Wifi installed in the house.

The charges are 100 euros and include everything (electricity, gas, water, Internet connection, rental insurance). The monthly rent without charges is 451 euros.

To find out more, introduce yourself (age, studies or work or other, hobbies, former experience of co-sharing) and don’t hesitate to write to me via Messenger. Thanks in advance.

Ella Egnas here, and on all social networks where you may also find me. Best regards.

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Publiée le 1 janvier 2024