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I am a university student who has just gotten a work assignment with a Luxembourg company. I am therefore looking for a house near the border, suitable for commuting and I am interested in your offer. Also I need to find the room very quickly (Monday 17th at the latest), as I will have to start work on Wednesday.

About me: I have lived for the last 6 months in a WG during the just concluded Erasmus in Germany with 11 other people. I am therefore used to living and integrating with other people and cultures and I care about cleanliness and order in the house, to which I will contribute. I'm easy-going and interested in many topics, therefore we could have some conversations from time to time or do something together, if we get to know each other more and get along. I'm also very quiet, so you will probably never hear music blasting from my room. I understand the importance of having a personal space, but also I look forward to (possibly) spending some quality time with you, my future roommate(s).

If you are interested or you want to know more about me, just PM.

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Publiée le 9 octobre 2021